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Bangkok Support Program

In 2013, number of families migrated from Pakistan to Thailand as the refugee and seeking asylum.But they became victims of unnecessary detention and stranded hence struggled for the safe place to live with their families in peace and harmony. A group of committed people joined hands and initiated a project of Bangkok asylum seeker support programme. Dr. Khurram Malik made visits to Thailand to access the situation of these refugees and further finding ways to provide support to these refugees and continued to help refugees and raise voice against injustice and human rights violation. During his visits, he met with these refugees along with other key actors and organizations related to support and help refugees in providing asylum.

He met with officials of UNHCR and filed the cases for seeking their support and help. He also met with Thai government officials, ministries and local churches, (Pastor Thoedsak Ajkraasawart from Jaisman Church Bangkok) came forward and joined hands for supporting distressed families those already in Bangkok seeking asylum. Alongside he is also having detail meetings with the families to assess their immediate needs like food, shelter, medicine and other necessities of life.

There are hundreds of thousands of asylum seekers of mainly from Burma, Cambodia, Laos, and Vietnam but Pakistani asylum seekers who are hundreds in number have sought for asylum and facing extreme hardships and their basic Human rights being violated and lost their dignity.  These people are stranded and their applications for refugee status is under process and are facing lot of hardships like no legal recognition, no right to work, fear of being arrested, no education, no medical treatment rights and malnutrition.

Initially, HOPE has started provision of support to 10 families in Bangkok comprised of 10 male adults, 10 female adults, 9 boys, and 6 girls. While carrying out the need assessment of these families through interviews and observation find out of their immediate needs of shelter, food, and medicines.  Furthermore, a package of the food and non-food items is finalized in consultation with the families consisting of flour, tea, edible oil, rice, lentils, milk, sugar, soap and water bottles. Package of these items for 15 days is provided to the 10 families by HOPE Worldwide by its own resources and much appreciated by the receiving families

Expressions of Beneficiaries:

“We are happy for food given from HOPE organization in very difficult situation as we have no food in our house” (Haroon)

“There was little food available in my house and this time when HOPE NGO came to my house and gave us food, lintels, milk, flour, and rice. We ate and thanks.” (Babar)