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Home Based Education Program

Home Based Education Program

Sep 2017
4 Donations

HOPE is a not for profit organization based on Peace, Justice and Humanitarian development is launching its fundraising campaign to provide Education and food for Refugees and Asylum Seekers Children.

$815.00 donated
3 Donors

Refugee Children are growing without education. Their right to Education is taken away. These children are living in a continuous fear of detention. This is causing long-term damage to their physical and emotional wellbeing.

HOPE started its programs and stood against injustice, gender discrimination and to promote and protect the fundamental rights of vulnerable groups in the society.

Money raised through this campaign will be solely used to provide Educational opportunities and Food for Refugees and Asylum Seeker Children enrolled in this program. We will use funds to purchase educational material like books, copies, stationaries, food for children and other relevant material for this Educational Program.

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