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Contingency Support

Poverty and Vulnerability are frequently very closely associated with each other. In order to improve World’s well being, it is very important to understand the connections between Poverty and Vulnerability. When individuals are isolated, feeling insecure and powerless in the face of risk, shock or in distress situation. There could be many factors and people may differ in their experiences to risk as a result of their social group, religion, gender, class, ethnicity, and structure of community structure and decision-making process. This may cause people to become vulnerable and develop their vulnerability to cope with situations.

Poverty is also seen as an indicator of lack or limit of access to resources and limited or no opportunities to have income. Meantime there are other features those are contributing factors and positioning people into difficult situations, these elements could be their gender, race, class, religion, ethnicity, and ability to be a part of the dominant culture, society or country’s system. Country’s structure, rules and regulations, policies and decision-making process could be the factors those determine poor people’s vulnerability.

As of Thailand, Malaysia and Sri Lanka like many other countries are not parties to the 1951 Convention relating to the Status of Refugees (1951 Refugee Convention) or its 1967 Protocol, Countries have no refugee law or formalized asylum procedures. The lack of a legal framework leaves refugees and asylum seekers in a precarious state, making their stay uncertain and their status unclear. Without legal status, individuals have no right to work, no education and no medical treatment rights. Refugees and Asylum seekers in these countries are deprived of health.

We are pleased to announce that an initiative to support individuals and families those facing hardships has been taken since the inception of the organization. In our Contingency Support Program, we support individuals, families, widows and minor asylum seekers and refugees so they could cope with their daily sufferings and fulfill daily needs. Keeping in view of people’s basic need and rights we distribute necessary food items including children milk and intervene in a very critical situation where people face hardships and no access to food and basic needs.Children are suffering from malnutrition which impacts their growth. Currently, we are supporting families by providing socially, morally and financial support.

There is on-going high need of food for children and families and instantaneous help for these refugees and asylum seekers those are detained in IDC. HOPE runs appeal “FOOD FOR IMPOVERISHED CHILDREN” and encourages public, charities, churches and businesses to join hands for this cause.