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Equip With Knowledge and Tools

Introduction to Equip with Knowledge and Tools Programme (New Zealand)

Purpose of this programme is to equip people to have a better understanding of Country’s system and enjoyment of their rights for safer and happier assimilation in the country. By Equipping people with knowledge and tools for their rights and responsibilities would lead them towards Equal World and to satisfying lives which would improve their self-esteem and promote equality. HOPE took initiative by reaching out newly migrated family where husband and wife have minimal or no understanding of English. This senior couple who recently migrated to the country and have no job and activity so they can keep themselves occupied . The HOPE team started to meet this couple on regular basis by giving them hope and encouragement by taking them out and having meetings. The HOPE team has provided basic cell phone with a sim card so they could communicate with their family and approachable to others. Our initial discussions and meetings involved building their confidence and finding ways to keep themselves occupied and feel included within their community. With the help of volunteers we started to provide weekly ride to church where they meet other families to engage with. After having such an extensive efforts the expressions of the target family were:

“We are happy and feel good when we go out meet people and now we can talk with my daughter and son overseas easily”.