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Food Watch Program

HOPE in collaboration with Bread & Butter is running a Hunger Watch Programme in Auckland, New Zealand. The objective of this initiative is to fulfil the food needs of those immigrant families who are facing difficulties in fulfilling their dietary needs due to various reasons.HOPE team collects food and bread etc. from Bread & Butter and distribute to those who struggle to put on table. With both social and environmental benefits, this intervention is a ‘win-win’.

While executing this project HOPE has also integrated this initiative with its Human Rights Education programme.In this way both dietary and educational needs and fulfilling to the target audiences amicably. This initiative can also be seen as in the light and theme of Salvation Army sought to bring salvation to the poor, destitute and hungry by meeting both their “physical and spiritual needs”.

“Bread & Butter Bakery is proud to support HOPE, by donating the bread and pastries to feed families in need including those who have come to this country in search of a safer life. May the healthy organic sourdough bread baked by Bread & Butter Bakery give them the strength needed to overcome their war-affected past and give them the energy to build a new, better life for themselves and their children in this beautiful country “

Feedback by Anonymous

I'm a mother of two beautiful girls and we have been very happy with the help from the HOPE organization. The bread that is given to us each week has been a tremendous help and has also helped other families. We would like to thanks HOPE for this blessing. Thank You