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Hope Education Program

This program is structured to provide a learning environment to Refugees children and to engage them in educational activities. Our friendly, open minded and qualified teachers are providing their services voluntarily and their constructive feedback to children is helping them to move forward day by day with positive and effective learning.

As there are many Refugees and Asylum Seekers Children those who need support and are still waiting for the day when they can have an opportunity to go to proper classrooms. We are planning to expand our Home Based program in five different areas to reach these marginalized children. In order to kick-start this program in these five selected areas, there is a need of resources. We have started to seek possible funding and launched an appeal to raise funds for HOME Based Education Program. HOPE appeals and encourages public, charities, churches and businesses to join hands for this great cause.

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Goals and Objectives

The Educational Program for Refugees and Asylum Seekers’ Children (male and female) in Bangkok- Thailand is expected to cover between forty to fifty children aged between five and thirteen years. The primary goal of the program is to safeguard the human rights of child refugee/asylum seekers in Thailand including providing them with education.  After a keen observation of the conditions of refugee and asylum seekers in Thailand, lack of access to education and other basic needs amongst these children was identified as the most pressing problem that could be easily solved by non-governmental bodies. This is because altering the Thai laws to legalize refugees would result into unwarranted battles with the ruling government. Therefore, providing basic education to the young refugees and asylum seekers alongside offering them food was identified as the need to be fulfilled by the project.