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Human Rights Education

New Zealand is well-known Nation with a fortunate record of human rights. Being a founding member of the United Nations, country has a privilege to play a key role in drafting of The Universal Declaration of Human Rights. New Zealand has two main laws, one is Human Rights Act 1993 and the other one is the Bill of Rights Act 1990. These laws specifically are in place to promote and protect Human Rights.

Through Bill of Rights Act 1990, The Universal Declaration of Human Rights became part of the country’s law system. Human Rights Education is significant fragment of the right to education and is progressively gaining recognition and is measured as a human right in itself. Having an information and awareness of rights and self-determinations is considered a fundamental instrument for assurance to respect for the rights of all. According to UNESCO Education should encompass values such as peace, non-discrimination, equality, justice, non-violence, tolerance and respect for human dignity.

HOPE emphasize the promotion and protection of the fundamental human rights of vulnerable people including migrants, asylum seekers and refugees in New Zealand , Pakistan, Thailand and the wider-world whose lives have been traumatized by poverty, persecution or discrimination.

HOPE endeavours to promote human rights following the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and to speak out for violations of human rights to the public and at the United Nations level. We intend to work with other civil society organizations for the advancement of human rights, refugees and asylum seekers rights and lobbying for and support international human rights resolutions.

Human Rights Education (HRE) Program focuses to empower people and seeks to build stronger and fair societies. It is all about ending volition and preventing violation and building societies that are respectful of Human Rights. At HOPE we believe that Human Rights Education is very important and as an organization, we would like to address this matter. We are keen to take part in initiating an Educational Program to empower people, so they can address their complaints or disappointment. In our HRE program we anticipate and raising an awareness through organizing workshops/training sessions for Human Rights Education.

Main goal of the Program is to promote and educate by providing resources for individuals, youth to develop new skills, and help making the world a safer place. This program would provide knowledge about human rights and violations. For upcoming programs please get in touch with us. We will be happy to assist you further in this process.

Feedback by LOSA

Thank you HOPE team for the very informative workshop. It has reminded me to be a better person and to treat others with respect. Its also useful info for my work and i can share the knowledge with others. Thank You

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