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Social Support Program

Everyday victims of persecution, discrimination, and disasters face numerous challenges in their lives. The huge visible and invisible damage caused by these issues cannot be ignored. Disasters, conflicts, persecution and health problems can last long-term damage on people’s lives. Social Support Program is commonly used to fulfill someone’s social, emotional, and spiritual needs. Social Support is very beneficial for all and plays a vital role in the development of minors, orphaned and vulnerable children, especially for people those are facing hardships and going through very difficult times and been seriously traumatized in their lives.  Refugees and asylum seekers in Thailand are currently living their lives in fear of being detained or deported.  Continous fear of immigration detention and safety of women and children is the major issue which causes significant damage. There are also many other issues around fear of homelessness and affordability of adequate housings and different mental health problems.

At HOPE we believe that everyone should be given the opportunity to be able to live their life feeling safe and to be able to live a productive life where they are able to give back to society. We provide economically, socially, morally and financial support, and develop activities to educate the public of the plight of the vulnerable groups. HOPE understands that not only providing food, shelter, and basic healthcare needs could comfort them but also by standing alongside them and providing Social Support would be the more effective approach for these families.

Social Support is an integral part of the organization responsible for Refugees and Asylum seekers in Thailand.  In collaboration and support from New Beginning Therapy (counseling and therapy services), we are going to launch our Social Support Program for Refugee an Asylum Seekers in Thailand.  This is called the “Social Integration and Support Program”. This program would help individuals and families to improve their wellbeing and to live good healthy lives. In this program, we will train our volunteers whom will most likely have been Refugees and Asylum Seekers themselves at some stage but who have come to a place of greater stability in their lives. We are open to all volunteers though who will be screened for their suitability.  These volunteers will go through a training program in order to get the basic skills required to be able to carry out support for our people in crisis.

A three days course will be run by qualified Health professionals (likely social workers and counselors) and will involve teaching around empathy, smart goals, and note taking as key points. Volunteers will be required to give 2×2 hour sessions per week to the allocated individual/family.  During these times the family/individual can be supported with their main issues of concern.  These may be concerns around budgeting, finding work or perhaps even having enough food to eat.  Should there be concerns around actually eating the individual or family will be given donations of food? It is expected that the individuals/families in question will often need lots of validation and emotional support to buffer likely post-traumatic stress.  The training will help to make our volunteers aware of these issues and good methods of intervention.  It is hoped since our volunteers will likely have gone through the process themselves that they will be able to provide a positive sense of role modeling that they have been able to make it. Our volunteers will have supervision on a monthly basis via Skype, Whatsapp, facebook messenger or telephone.  They will also be able to ask questions and get needed support when required from our employed trainers.  Qualified Counsellors and Social Workers will also be available via Skype, Whatsapp to be able to give extra support.